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By: Floranita. CHt® of Mind Miracle Center
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If yes, who is conducting counseling or therapy?
Have you (parents) ever undergone a hypnotherapy procedure before? *
If you answered "Yes," answer the following question: For what reasons?
If you answer "Yes" answer the following question: Do you believe that you were successfully hypnotized at that time?
If you answered "Yes" answer the following question: Why?
If you answered "Yes", answer the following questions: In general, how was your hypnosis session?
If you answered "Yes", answer the following question: Why did you come here?
Do you have any questions about hypnotherapy? If yes, write the question.
Tell us about the problem of the child that you want to solve/ problem that this child is facing. *
How long has this problem bothered you? Or since when you started to realize this problem *
Have you tried to solve this problem before? If yes, what are the results? *
Write down at least 7 benefits if this problem is solved. *
Write down what attitudes or thoughts you, as a parent, might have hindered/interrupted the change you dreamed of: *
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