Committee Member Application Spring 2020
We are looking for passionate, committed individuals who would like to be a bigger part of AMSA ARC by becoming a committee member. The deadline to submit the application is December 4, 2019 at 11:59 pm.
Currently, committee member Positions In The Following Areas Are Available:

Public Relations
Information Technology

How do I apply?
Register and complete the application by December 4, 2019 at 11:59pm.

NOTE: What you write in your application will be read by all officers prior to your presentation. Please dress as you feel would be appropriate for an interview.

Other Questions?

Send questions to

Why Become an AMSA ARC Committee member?

As a committee member you will perform activities under supervision of an officer. This help you become ready to apply for a position as an officer.

So, why Become an AMSA ARC Officer?

We are a nationally recognized chapter of the American Medical Student Association or AMSA, which means that your officer activity at AMSA ARC will be backed up and documented in the national headquarters. This opportunity will strengthen your resume for medical school by contributing to your community through AMSA ARC.
Six of AMSA ARC's former officers are currently holding national pre-medical positions with AMSA. National officers are elected at AMSA's annual conferences by their peers; those who made the cut in the past ran on their community service and chapter involvement record (consequently, our alumni depended heavily on their AMSA ARC work to make their case on Election Day). There is no reason why you shouldn't be next to take up a national leadership position -- get involved with AMSA ARC to build an impressive resume!
The Annual AMSA ARC Pre-Med Conference -- planned, coordinated, and staffed by our club officers - - is a well-known pre-med event amongst deans of admission from medical schools throughout California and the East Coast (check out the conference website for more information: ). Getting involved with AMSA ARC will give you the opportunity to work on the 2019 conference and make yourself known to the medical school officials who attend the event every year (some of our mainstay visitors include: Stanford, Harvard, University of Chicago, UCSF, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine, and USC medical schools, among others). All club officers have their picture and biography included in the event program distributed to all conference attendees and presenters, including medical school deans and directors of admission.

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