Spring 2020 Transpose PDX Pre-registration
Help us be prepared for you! We are welcoming new singers during open rehearsals on February 11, February 18, and February 25. Please note, this is an 18+ group. If you are under 18, check out Portland's LGBTQ and Allied youth choir at Bridgingvoices.org!
Only the starred questions require responses, but the more information we can have the better we will be prepared!
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Name (as you would like it to appear on sign up sheet - does not have to be legal name) *
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Which of the open rehearsals are you planning to attend? (check all that apply) *
Please describe any accessibility needs you may have
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For returning members: are you able to help out with rehearsal logistics (opening and setting up the venue, greeting new members, bringing snacks, leading a social activity, re-setting and closing the venue)? Check all that apply.
Voice part (if known) **In Transpose, we do not use the typically gender-associated voice part labels. "V1" is higher register voices, "V2" is middle register, "V3" is lower register.
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List any prior singing experience
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Rate your comfort level for reading sheet music
I learn music entirely by ear (just listening and matching the sounds)
I am a fluent reader of written music
List any instruments (if any) you play and what level you play at
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Are you interested in performing in our end-of-term concert in June 2020 (date TBD), or do you plan to participate this term as a non-performing member?
Any food allergies/dietary restrictions?
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Please let us know if there is anything else we need to know about you or if you have any comments or thoughts for us. We appreciate your feedback and unique perspective! Questions are best sent to transposepdx@gmail.com so we can more immediately respond.
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