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Terms of Service (Updated on 2/11/2021)
We have made some new guidelines for our Request Submission process.  Here are the new Guidelines:
-  You can no longer use your email address to submit requests in the YouTube Account Username box.
-  Any requests that use our channel name or Discord Tag will be deleted.
-  You can now submit error requests with your Discord Tag.
         -  You must have the fans role on the nkrs200 Discord Server or be a member of the TTS Community Discord Server.

Here is what we like seeing in Requests:
-  Original Content
-  Shorter Errors (nothing more than 5 short sentences)
-  References to our older content (such as NSA, Bacon, etc)
-  References to other TTS Content
-  Making jokes about Sam or the gang

Requests will not be accepted if they:
-  Contain cringe content
-  Have "Tip of the Day" in their title
-  Give gifts to Sam or others
-  Are not funny in the smallest sense

Also, please request with only ONE account (as it is easier to keep track of who requested what).
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