Dates for Virginia Tech Meet
About half of the people want to compete Saturday morning and the other half want to compete Saturday afternoon, which influences the days we travel. Unfortunately, we all have to compete in the same session of the meet, so we need a consensus on this.

We have three options:
Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon (11/2-11/3)
Saturday early morning to Sunday (11/3-11/4)
Divide into two travel groups -- both cars leave Friday afternoon, but one car would come back on Saturday and one would come back on Sunday (11/2-11/3 AND 11/2-11/4).

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11/2-11/3 - Compete Saturday morning - leave Friday afternoon and come back Saturday afternoon *
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11/3-11/4 - Compete Saturday afternoon - leave early Saturday morning and come back Sunday morning *
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11/2-11/3 AND 11/2-11/4 - Compete Saturday morning - BOTH leave Friday afternoon - One car/room returns Saturday afternoon and the other car returns Sunday morning *
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Other Questions
Which option to prefer? *
If you are set on staying Saturday night, are you willing to leave Friday afternoon and spend two nights at Virginia Tech?
In other words, are you okay with a three-day trip?
Anything else?
I know some of you have exams and stuff.... so let me know if there is any really pressing thing that affects the scheduling.
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