<Aftershock> Guild Application
We are a competitive and multifaceted guild with both hardcore raiders and social members. If you're interested in joining as a raider, we do hold players to a far higher standard than just casual raiding. Please be diligent in conveying what type of player you are. As we're mainly looking to fill a new raid, we have limited spots for those joining as socials.
Character Name *
Level *
Class *
Why are you choosing Aftershock? What do you expect from us? *
Are you interested in raiding, and if so, what is your availability? *
What is your gear? How close are you to prebis? *
What spec are you, and are you willing to change spec if needed? *
<Aftershock> participates in fighting world bosses in a large coalition with other Horde guilds. How will you dedicate time to camping bosses, or helping with summons? *
What guild(s) were you in before, and why did you leave? *
Are you interested in ranking and PvP? If so, what is your current rank? *
If you have any previous raid parses or logs, please provide them here.
What do you enjoy most about Classic Wow?
Is there anything else we should know? What do you think makes you stand out amongst everyone?
What is your Discord ID? If we do not contact you, it means we are either full, we don't have a slot at the raid time requested, or your application has not been accepted. *
New recruits have a trial period. If you're a great member with the guild and do well to meet the expectations agreed upon, you'll join as a full member. If unable to meet requirements, please be aware it may result in a benching or a gkick. Trial period may be extended if necessary. DISCORD IS REQUIRED so if you're accepted, please join as soon as you can.
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