Flagstaff Foodlink Grower Grant Application
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About Flagstaff Foodlink
Our mission is to cultivate and celebrate local, healthy, equitable and resilient food systems in our community.
About the Grower Grant Program
We offer educational, organizational and fundraising tools to the emergent local food movement in the greater Flagstaff community. To support this mission we have created the Grower Grant Program in order to fill gaps that we see in traditional funding sources for small-scale food growers and producers. Once each year, Flagstaff Foodlink holds its annual Flagstaff Eat Local Tuesdays fundraiser, which is the main source of funds for the Grower Grant Program. We welcome additional financial contributions at any time, in any amount, to help continue this effort.

Grant awards are entirely dependent upon funding availability and Flagstaff Foodlink reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time, with the exception of awarded grants. Flagstaff Foodlink will notify you as soon as possible to let you know whether you have received funding or if we need more information. Due to limited funds and competition for these grants, you may be offered partial funding.

Level of Commitment
If you are selected for a grant, you:

Will adhere to the basic tenets of Flagstaff Foodlink, in short, to promote healthy, clean, and fair food.

Will be responsible to make all arrangements for your event or project, fulfill your obligations as described in your proposal, and submit a short written report of how the project went and its benefits.

Will complete the grant project within a year of receiving funds.

Will document all expenditures and keep originals or copies of valid, itemized receipts to justify costs if requested to do so by Flagstaff Foodlink.

Will be expected to share what you have gained (knowledge, skills, ideas, capacity, experiences, etc.) with Flagstaff Foodlink and the community in some fashion (workshops, presentations, garden tours, etc. that are open to the public).

Will follow a “no surprises” policy, informing Flagstaff Foodlink of any substantive changes to your grant activities or plans as soon as possible.

Will be responsible to fully repay Flagstaff Foodlink in the case that you cancel or otherwise fail to substantively complete it.

How will proposals be evaluated?
The Flagstaff Foodlink Board will score each proposal with a weighted matrix that considers the overall relevance of the project to Foodlink’s mission (25 points), the perceived effectiveness of the approach (25 points), the capacity for impacting the local food system (25 points), and the transferability of the project to other growers in the region (25 points).

New applicants will also receive greater weight than applicants who have been awarded funding through the Grower Grant Program in the past.

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