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Calling for volunteers to apply for YMCA Youth Social Participation Program

YMCA of Lebanon main goal of this request is to implementing youth in Psycho social support projects, all over Lebanon. The aim of these projects is to mitigate the tension of the people’s Intolerance toward others, concerning Displaced persons and host communities in Lebanon through youth empowerment. Youth in particular, often fall through the cracks of humanitarian and other development programmes (which often target children under 12). The projects will improve livelihood prospects of young people through the provision of skills training appropriate to the context. Furthermore, the projects aim to strengthen a positive interaction between refugees and their hosts and Lebanese people themselves. This will take place through community bridge-building activities, which will also act as a psycho social support.

The livelihood training will be planned together with the beneficiaries in order to meet their actual needs. Learning and doing together best dispels tension and prejudice between groups. Also, tension within the host community will be greatly reduced when livelihoods are created. The goal is that the host community will see the richness and added value of its own diversity and their new ‘guests’. Beneficiaries will be selected from the most vulnerable. The criteria used are their economic status, gender, disability, and excluded status.

Will you join us with breaking down social tension and segregation walls faced by Displaced persons and Lebanese vulnerable communities?

YMCA youth Social Participation program
The YMCA of Lebanon is asking for volunteers to take part in this project through the experience sharing with volunteers from YMCA Finland and through participating in different activities and through workshops and capacity building.

Training, capacity building and activities:
Sports activities, community projects & personal skills development

Community work:
Different community work and events are being planned to be implemented in Bekaa and in Beirut area.
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