Middle School Waiver Form (SB Policy #510)
Generally participation in co-curricular activities at Minnetonka High School shall be limited to students in grades 9-12. Seventh and eighth grade students shall be allowed to request a waiver for possible participation in a high school co-curricular activity.

1. The decision regarding seventh and eighth grade students will be based on:
• The individual skills of the student as it relates to the needs of the specific sport/activity at any
given level of competition.
• The social maturity, academic history, and discipline history of the student.
• The lack of opportunity for the student to improve his/her skill level in a school or non-school

2. No class time at Minnetonka Middle School East/Minnetonka Middle School West will be missed for practices/team meetings at the high school level. Missing class time at either middle school for high school games/meets may be authorized by the respective middle school principal.

Procedural Steps:

1. Parents are required to fill out the form and turn it into the Activities Director at Minnetonka High School within 2 weeks of the start date of the activity. Forms are on line at www.minnetonka.k12.mn.us, in the MME and MMW main offices, and the Minnetonka High School Activity Office.

2. Once completed, the form is forwarded on to the head coach/advisor of the activity involved.

3. The head coach/advisor shall communicate with the parent to gather the necessary information about the specific student.

4. The coaches/advisors shall make a recommendation to the Activities Director who shall make a recommendation to the Principal. The Principal will make the final decision.

5. A letter is sent from the Activities Director to the parent explaining the decision.

6. If the waiver is granted the parent/student registers for the activity just as all other high school
students do by filling out all forms on line. Students who have paid the middle school participate fee need to pay the additional $25 to meet the requirement of the MHS participation fee. The MHS activity fee for the specific sport is required.

7. If the waiver is granted parents are responsible for transporting their child from MME or MMW to the practices and for bus pick-up for games.

8. Middle school students may not start practice at MHS before 4 pm.

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