Geoscience Education in Maine
Thank you for taking this survey! As part of its core mission to promote geologic education, the Geological Society of Maine is interested in documenting components of geoscience education through a brief survey of workers throughout the geoscience sector. By "geoscience" we mean to include broad topics in earth and environmental science. We would like to identify some of the opportunities and challenges within our present configuration of geoscience education initiatives and also to identify specific needs from the different sectors of the geoscience community. For example, what materials, infrastructure, and expertise do educators need? What skills and content knowledge do future employers need?

While this is a large topic, we hope that this ~10-15 minute survey will aid us in collecting some baseline data from the diverse geoscience sector in Maine in hopes of broadening the conversation and inspiring action in the near future. These data will be used to frame future meetings and workshops.

Some questions in this survey are statements to which you can strongly disagree (1), strongly agree (5), or decide you are somewhere in between. In questions that allow you to write answer, your answers will be more helpful the more you information you provide.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Sarah Hall at College of the Atlantic,
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