CentreSOUP - November 16, 2017
Soup, salad, bread and a vote.

This is what is behind CentreSOUP – New Leaf’s micro-granting, meal-sharing event that allows community members to pitch their creative ideas for small-scale projects with positive impact for our neighbors, colleagues, family and friends. Attendees get a chance to hear ideas, ask questions and participate with a vote.

What creative ideas do you have to help create more play, better experiences or stronger connections in our community? How would you like to create a small-scale impact on the people or places that surround us?

Ready to submit your next great idea? Below are brief questions we ask you to answer to help us prepare for your project presentation. Helpful hints to consider are:

-Your idea can be about ANYTHING you believe will have positive impact on our community and its members.
-The winner will have $250 to implement their idea.
-Projects should be completed in 3-6 months (we'd love to have you share your successes at a future event!)
-No technology aids are allowed during the presentation to keep pitches on an even playing field.
-Your idea must be implemented in the Centre Region.

Presentations are short and to the point; no more than 4 minutes. After a mix and mingle activity, presenters will pitch their project before we enjoy our shared meal. During dinner, be prepared to answer follow-up questions from attendees. Voting will happen after the meal is complete.

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