National Conference On Technological Developments in Civil & Mechanical Engineering
On 15th and 16th March 2018 Sponsored by, SPPU, Pune
Engineering is the knowledge of applied science. Conversion of natural resources for any products with the knowledge of engineering is Technology. Continual research work is going on for the innovations and technological development of newer products because the products are getting obsolete at a very fast rate. We need platform to explore the recent innovations and technological developments in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Our Institute has organized the National Conference on Technological Developments in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. This will enhance the penetration to the work of each other which will augment the depth of knowledge of the participants and a healthy platform will be created for mutual exchange of technical knowledge which will help the scientific community to accelerate the research work and help the nation to grow at a faster rate to compete with the world where the place is there for the survival of the fittest
CONFERENCE TOPICS (Civil Engineering)
Advanced Concrete & Structural Engineering
Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering
Water and Waste Water Management
Environment and Climate Change
Intelligent Transportation System
Application of Remote Sensing and GIS
Advances in Geotechnical Engineering
Infrastructural Engineering & Construction Techniques
Advances in Construction Management
Smart Materials in Construction
Application of Artificial Intelligence
CONFERENCE TOPICS (Mechanical Engineering Engineering)
Design Engineering,
Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Thermal Engineering, CFD, Micro fluidics
Rapid Proto Typing
Advanced Management Technologies
Advances in IC Engines
Robotics & Mechatronics
Renewable Energy
Vibration Analysis
Optimization for Design and Analysis
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