Faceless EQ20 - Player Application
Use this form to apply for the Faceless EQ20 guild
Selo Character Name: *
Your main character's name in-game
Discord Handle *
Discord handles have a # and then four numbers in them, example: Onna#6769. You can register for Discord at www.discordapp.com, and you can find your handle in the bottom left of the application.
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What class is your main character? *
Please only select more than one class IF you are willing to pick your class based on guild need. Note - this is not for boxing, alts, or anything except recording your MAIN.
What level is your main character? *
How many AAs do you have? *
How did you hear about Faceless? *
If "other" please explain
Prior Characters/Servers/Guilds: *
Let us know who you are! Please make sure to list character names and which guild(s) you were affiliated with.
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