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Thank you for your interest in the Learning Animals study programs.

You can apply for "Animality Horizons" by filling out the form below, after which you will receive an email with a proposal to plan an intake. During the intake (by phone or using Zoom) you can ask further questions and we can link to your motivation to give you an informed idea what the study can bring you.

The invoice for the registration fee with payment details for the study will be send only after the intake has taken place.

Privacy indication: The information will be used solely to contact you for your intake request. Learning Animals will receive the information by email, and the information will be archived for one year, after which the content will be eliminated.
The course calendar will be planned on Sunday-afternoon for Europe (13:30-19:00 CET-time), making it possible for participants from North and South America (ET-time) to join during their day-time (please check your time-zone to know the exact time for your location).
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