Clockenflap 2021 – Important Notice
Thank you for purchasing a ticket to Clockenflap 2021. Unfortunately, due to the recently tightened rules and regulations on running large scale outdoor events in Hong Kong, and the ongoing restrictions on international travel, Clockenflap Music & Arts Festival will not take place this November as previously announced.

As a Clockenflap 2021 ticket holder you have the option to keep your tickets and roll them over for 2022 or request a refund.

Please complete this form by 31 October, 11:59 PM, to confirm if you would like to roll your tickets over to Clockenflap 2022, or have a full refund of the purchase price for the tickets you purchased.

Any refund requests submitted after 31 Oct at 11:59 PM will not be processed and the festival tickets will automatically roll over to 2022. Refund processing will start once the refund request period closes and it is expected the refund process will be completed within 6 weeks of the processing commencing.

首先,多謝你購買 Clockenflap 2021 的門票。不幸地由於香港近期對於舉辦大型戶外活動的規定及限制進一步收緊,加上目前在香港實施的持續入境限制等措施,Clockenflap 音樂及藝術節將無法於今年11月舉行。

所有 Clockenflap 2021 門票持有者均可以選擇保留你們的門票於 2022 年使用,或者選擇退款。

請於10月31日晚上11時59分前完成填寫以下表格,確認你希望選擇保留現持有的門票於 2022 年使用,或是退款。

所有10月31日晚11時59分之後的退款申請將不予受理,而音樂節門票將自動保留至 2022 年使用。退款程序將在退款申請期限結束後開始,並預計將於6週內完成。
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This should be the email address you used to log into Ticketflap when making your purchase so that we can identify your orders for refund processing. 此電郵地址須與閣下 Ticketflap 登記的電郵地址相同,以分辨您的訂單及安排退款。
Would you like to keep your ticket(s) for Clockenflap 2022? 你希望保留現持有的門票於 Clockenflap 2022 年使用? *
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