Khmer Alumni Association Mentorship 2019 Mentee Application

The Khmer Alumni Association Mentorship Program (KAAMP) is a six-month mentorship program that runs from July to December. Based on your academic and career interests, you will be paired with a working professional who can support you in attaining your career goals. No matter where you are in your progress, mentors can provide insight and first-hand knowledge in the job or industry that you are interested in.

We will be hosting two KAAMP orientation opportunities where you will have an opportunity to meet your mentor in person. You only need to attend one. The first one will be on Sunday, June 23 and the other on Saturday, June 29 from 10 am to 1 pm at San Martin Park.


• Academic support
• Build social skills
• Career guidance
• Interview training
• Goal-setting
• Job/industry knowledge
• Leadership development
• Networking
• Resume building
• Self-management


• College student or alumni
• Cambodian (have at least 1 parent of Cambodian descent)
• Attend orientation on either Sunday, June 23 or Saturday, June 29
• Maintain at least 1 online meeting per month

If there any comments, questions, or concerns, please e-mail us at
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Please introduce yourself to your mentor by writing a little bit about yourself. You can start by telling them your name, how old you are, where you live and what you hope to gain from this experience. Also share your professional and career goals, and how you are currently preparing yourself to meet your goals. Feel free to also share what your personal interests, talents and hobbies are! We will share this information with your mentor. *
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You are only required to attend one orientation. If you cannot make to either dates, please check other and leave a comment below.
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