AISU Governing Board Nomination Form
Please nominate candidates to be part of the AISU Governing Board (Board). The Board is a volunteer board commensurate with requirements of all public charter school board requirements. A nominee can come from any sector, public or private, industry or academia, etc. He or she does not need to be connected to the school in any way. Community leadership, educational expertise, and professional skills are a great asset to any school board. Board members do not receive compensation. The Board's responsibility is to provide governance and oversight to AISU's administration and management organization to ensure compliance to all applicable laws and regulations governing public charter schools. It does not get involved in day to day operations of AISU. The Board's oversight provides guidance academic practices to ensure all students receive access to relevant quality education. Training is required of all board members. Board members serve for limited terms with rotating departures to ensure both continuity and vitality of new perspectives. Required time commitment includes monthly board meetings of approximately 2 - 5 hours. Additional time requirements may be needed for committee meetings, issue resolution, and other events. Boards are required to have officers to fill specific responsibilities. Members should expect to participate as a committee member or officer for at least part of his or her term. This will require additional time and effort.

Members of the AISU Governing Board are protected under a Directors and Officers Insurance policy. Board members may wish to consult with individual insurance carrier to determine if there is a need for additional personal liability insurance coverage that would be obtained at personal expense.

In addition to several other sources, it is important for Board Members to be familiar with Utah Code Title 53A State System of Public Education found at

In the case of AISU, it is also important for Board members to have or be willing to gain knowledge of the US EB5 Investment program, public/private entity contracting practices, business operations, financial best practices, academic best practices and requirements, and requirements for educating international students.

1. Nominations accepted. Nominee can withdraw from consideration at any point in this process.
2. Nominees will be invited to submit a resume/CV if not included below.
3. Nominees will be invited to interview with the Board Chair and AISU Administration.
4 Selected nominees will be scheduled to meet with the entire AISU board for introduction and interview.
5. Board votes on approving membership of nominee.
6. Nominee is informed of decision.

What to expect: After a nomination has been received and reviewed, the nominee will be contacted to set up a time for him or her to have an initial interview with an AISU Administrator and the Board Chair. The rest of the process will continue as outlined above.

We hope to have board positions filled before the school year starts, however, depending on level of interest and need, this process may continue into Fall term.

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