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Every ten years a national census is taken. It not only gives us a national population count, but it provides a great deal of data allowing our government at all levels to better meet or target the needs of the people. Likewise, at Trinity Lutheran Church knowing the full spectrum of Trinity’s family will allow us to better serve you and your family. Please take a moment and answer as much of the following as you care to do. Thank you!
I (and my family) consider ourselves member of Trinity Lutheran? *
If “No” to the question above have you joined another congregation? (If you have joined another congregation – God Bless – we pray you continue to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ! If you no longer consider yourself a member there is no need answer any other questions except your name, then submit this back to us. God Bless.)
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Please mark any of the following that you (or your family) feel connected to Trinity Lutheran through:
What is it that draws you to Trinity?
How many in addition to yourself are in your family?
Name of Primary Contact *
Other Adult in Household
Cell Phone number of Primary Contact
Cell Phone number of Other Adult
Email of Primary Contact
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Mailing Address including city & zip code
Names of Children Living at Home
Would you like someone to call on you?
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Please tell us if you have a special prayer request.
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