Member Consultation: Membership Categories & Post-nominals
This survey is designed to understand our Member’s view on our proposal to harmonise the titles and post nominal letters of our membership categories.

In order to complete this survey, it is important that you first watch the introductory consultation video and read the ‘Membership Categories and Post-Nominals Consultation Paper’.

We will use the responses to understand if there is broad agreement to our approach or not, to further shape our proposal if required and to make more evidence-based decisions related to this important topic.

We welcome your views so that we can find an optimal solution to a somewhat complex issue.
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I have watched the introductory consultation video
I have read the paper titled “membership categories and post-nominals consultation paper” Note: Reading this paper is not a requirement of completing the survey, however it will give you a greater understanding of our thought process and vision.
1. Overall I am supportive of this initiative to harmonise membership categories and restrict post- nominal usage to further professionalise the ABP.
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2. Should we allow General Members to use the post-nominals MABP or not? Proposed: No, replace post-nominals for General Members with a digital badge
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3. If we harmonise the membership categories, what titles and post-nominals should we award?
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