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This is a sample of how simple it is for us to get your message across while people placing an entry in a contest. You'll have to put in your email address and agree to the rules to see the rest of the contest questions and submit your answer and take a shot at being the winner. We do this in order to send each person a confirmation of their entry and be able to supply them with a link on how they can make a donation to your fundraiser. Remember not only are all of your Volunteers sending an invitation to their friends and neighbors but the customers of the Sponsor stores are here to enter the contest too.
We're only going to ask for two pieces of information from each person every time they place an entry: (1) their email and (2) their answer to the simple question. We do limit the number of entries each email address may place in each contest but the limit of 9 entries allows any family to use a common email address while giving everybody a chance to enter.
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