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Our next series of meetings might involve Putting our thoughts into practice (community town halls/jam sessions/writer's labs/movement workshops/etc), and they might take place in a studio or a creative work space. We just wanna know your level of "bout-it-ness" that you are as of now to be an active part of this community... No pressure tho. We are still in the beginning stages of building this collective (and forming concepts for our first possible community art piece). Granted, the door is going to stay open to various levels of "commitment", as I understand this is (for now) just a therapeutic, unpaid, collective passion project for us all. And the schedule will be based on y'all's availability only, whether that be once a week or once a month. This is not a race, and if you want to be a part, we will make it work. So enter the chat and let's gauge the space together... (short answers are fine)
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What commitments you got cookin' throughout the summer? (Include travel constraints if you're out of the NYC area [upstate, etc.]). *
What are the days and times you are most free?
What's your "lane(s)" in the arts? Could you see yourself contributing to this community creatively? and how? Can be anything, can be in multiple ways, or just one, but list your preference(s)...
Got any friends who might want to join our lil community? List at least 2 names and ig handles if they have it... (Feel free to think of types of artists and theater practitioners that ain't run as deep in the house at the last get-togethers, from visual artists to stage managers.)
Are you connected with any Black artists in NYC who could serve as MENTORS for our artists in the future? (I might organize a series of workshops and talkbacks at some point this summer with seasoned elders who been where we are...)
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