Welcome to the Membership Application for Marans Chicken Club USA. On the following pages, you will enter the information required for your membership.

We offer two classes of annual membership:

Standard Membership ($15 annually) offers full member benefits, including voting rights and accumulation of show points for one primary member. Immediate members of the family can be listed as secondary members under the same membership but cannot vote or accumulate show points.

Junior Membership ($5 annually) offers individuals under the age of eighteen the ability to hold their own membership and accumulate show points. Junior memberships do not carry voting rights.

All memberships run for one calendar year, ending on December 31 of the current year. Memberships initiated 1 November, through the end of the year, will roll over to the next calendar year.

You can complete your Membership Application by answering the series of questions below. Please note that your information will not be sold or shared with anyone.

If you do not receive an email confirmation receipt, you DID NOT complete your application.

To begin your membership in Marans Chicken Club USA, click the button below.

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