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Where do you usually shop?
If you shop in physical shops, which of these do you prefer?
What do you think is the most annoying thing about shopping apps?
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How often do you go to websites and apps to just browse for clothes (without looking to buy anything)?
Which is your favourite shop or website for clothes shopping?
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What other shops & websites do you go to for clothes?
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How often do you buy clothes?
How much do you usually spend in one go?
Who do you usually buy clothes for?
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What do you buy most often?
What's your favourite thing about shopping?
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And what's is the thing you like least about shopping?
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What information do you look for when you're buying clothes?
Can you remember some recent searches you've done on a shopping website or app?
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What is your favourite brand(s) to shop from?
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Lastly - just a couple of questions about you! Could you let us know how old you are?
Where do you live?
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