"Alle kvinner er dirty horer" (All women are dirty whores) - an audiovisual installation work by composer and artist Tine Surel Lange to be presented at Arctic Arts Festival 2019! A work about #metoo, shaming, sex pressure and social media!

Share words / comments / stories as text or video ! Share what you'd wish you'd said in the situation! Share how it feels!

Send material via e-mail (tinesurel @ gmail. com) // Social media (tinesurel) // This form

OBS! I prefer video material via e-mail or social media !

#AlleKvinnerErDirtyHorer #NotACompliment #ThinkTwice


What will I use the material for?

- I want to write words and short sentences (like "you know you want it) on naked body (female) for the video material.
- I want to have a gallery of short videos (a la instagram story videos) where people (and myself) share stories, thoughts, reflections, etc. These videos are naturally not anonymous, but we'll stand together!
- I want to have text material (a la #metoo) on display in the installation.

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