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What PRACTICAL APPLICATION finance function areas do your staff express need for assistance? *
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Is affordability a constraint when recruiting and/or retaining staff in your department? *
What could be your department's area of weakness and what specific areas could be of concern to you? *
What technical areas could your finance team members, when assessed individually, aim to improve on? In other words, which areas do you have the least cover assuming one or two key team members are away? *
What soft skills could your finance team members, when assessed individually, aim to improve on? *
What common errors do team members make consistently? *
When staff members make errors, do you investigate the root cause? *
How does this (root cause investigation) affect the effectiveness of your department’s ability to meet its objectives? *
What plans are currently in place in the event that a staff member is either promoted or leaves the organisation? *
What perennial external audit issues consistently get picked up as a result of inadequate internal controls? *
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