Baxter Farm Urban Farm Feed & Supplies
Next delivery is Tuesday January 21st. Pickup is Tuesday from 5:00-6:30pm if you need assistance loading. If you do not need assistance loading you can pick up anytime between 8am-9pm Wednesday thru Saturday (22nd-25th). Ordering closes on Tuesday 21st 9am. Pick up is at 49th Ave SW & SW Dakota St (exact location sent after order placed). Once order is placed we will contact you with total to request payment before delivery.

I can be reached at 206-755-0809 if you would like to place an order via phone. If you would like to check out nutrition info for the feeds visit .

If you find yourself short on supplies you can contact me via phone or email to see if I have extra supplies. I am making an effort to keep spare layer pellets and crumble on hand for those in a pinch.

Thank you for shopping local!
Terraganics Living, LLC Krista 206-755-0809
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Pine Bedding 3.25 cubic ft $15.99 +tax
Oyster Shells $1.00+tax per lb. (Enter # of lbs below)
Starter Feed 50lbs $30.99+tax
Grower feed 50lbs $29.99+tax
Layer Pellet Feed 50lbs $28.99+tax
Layer Crumble Feed 50lbs $28.99+tax
Mash 45 lbs $33.99+
Scratch 10lb bag $10+tax
Mazuri Adult Mini Pig Feed $26+tax
Baxter Barn Immune Boost $13.99+ tax
Meal Worms 20oz $17.99+tax
Fake Eggs $3+tax
Grit $14.99+tax 50lb bag
Agricultural Lime $14.99 50lb bag
Aluminum Waterer $30+tax
Feeder 7lb or 10lb please note below which one
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Comments or special product requests.
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