January 11, 2021 - Enrollment Form
The SASD Board of Education and administration have set a return to in-person learning date of January 11, 2021. The first semester will end on January 21, 2021. The purpose of this form is to specifically ask for your plans during the period of time between January 11 and January 21. We will again be asking virtual parents if they would like to switch to hybrid learning for the 2nd semester in early January.

Students previously enrolled in virtual learning -
*You must remain in virtual learning through January 21. You do not need to complete this form.

Students previously enrolled in hybrid learning -
*If you would like to remain in hybrid learning upon the return to school on January 11, simply plan to attend on January 11. You do not need to complete this form.

*If you would like to switch from hybrid to virtual learning, please complete this form so we are aware of the change in your preference for the remainder of the 1st semester. You will need to complete one form per child.

Virtual Learning Summary
Elementary - Students switching from hybrid to virtual learning at the elementary level will be given an introduction to online learning and access to our online curriculum. Students will not retain the teacher that they currently have for hybrid learning, but instead will be assigned to a teacher who teaches only virtual students.

Middle/High - Students will attend all courses virtually in a similar format to that of what has occurred while all schools have been virtual. Daily attendance in all courses will be required.
My child was enrolled in hybrid learning prior to all schools going virtual, but I would now like to switch my child to virtual learning. *
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