Outrider Dogs Cat Adoption Application
Thank you for your interest in adoption from Outrider Dogs Rescue. Be sure to fill out this application in its entirety and be as detailed as possible- any answers left blank will result in your application being removed. Please be mindful that a submitted application does not ensure adoption. Once submitted, you will not receive a confirmation email, but your application has been received! We will contact you if we have selected you for adoption.
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Name of cat you are looking to adopt: *
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Will your cat be an indoor or outdoor cat? *
Please list all member of the household, their respective ages and your relationship to them. *
Please list all animals in the household including species, breed, age, neutered/spayed. *
Who do you plan to use for veterinary care and have you used them for previous pets? Please provide name and phone number. **NOTE: We do not adopt out to homes with unvaccinated animals. Please be sure your pets are up to date on vaccines before applying** *
Please list the name, relationship and best contact number for 2 non-related references. *
Have you owned pets in the past? If so, how many, for how long?
What is the reason these pets are no longer with you?
Can you please provide an estimate of what you think the yearly cost of owning a pet would be?
Under what circumstances would you feel the need to give up or re-home your pet?
If you were no longer able to care for your pet what steps would you take to make sure it was cared for?
Are you aware that Outrider Dogs does not make guarantees on a cat's age, breed, temperament or future health? *
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? *
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