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With 12 trail systems (containing over 100 miles of naturally surfaced, single-track trail) and the nationally acclaimed Cottage Grove Bike Park within the metro area, MORC currently is not actively seeking to add more destinations but rather awaiting attractive, quality & sustainable proposals for projects from our current land managing partners or prominent potential partners (such as Three Rivers Park District, Dakota County Parks, City of Woodbury, Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board).

The information you provide will will be reviewed by the Directors of MORC's Trails & Parks Committee to determine the feasibility of partnering with the land manager for future trail development.
What park would the proposed trail be located in? *
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Land Manager- Which entity owns and manages the land?
When it comes to determining the location of singletrack trail systems, there is much more to determining where the next trail might be than location. Ultimately it is the land manager who decide what type of recreational use is permissible on their property. Area land managers are responsible for the lands they manage. When it comes to planning land use; balancing recreation with conservancy and the management of natural resources is an arduous process. Although MORC is always willing to work with area land managers in support of trails, we also respect and support the process involved in determining land use.
To your knowledge, has the Land Manager been contacted or approached about trails on their property?
please provide details on any communication or proposals, as well as contact information
Does the park already have established amenities?
When looking at potential projects we're looking to develop a true facility, which could include space for a signed trailhead, vehicle parking and access to water; these things, and more, are considerations to ensure a quality asset to the community. Also note, when creating a new trail system, especially when establishing partnership with a new land manager, that our expected or average timeframe is 2-4 years from our initial consultations.
Are you a MORC member? *
Being a member of and supporting our non-profit organization, or not, provides MORC an indication of your interest and dedication to our mission of 'Gaining and Maintaining Trails' in the metro area. Similarly, knowing our membership in and around the proposed project provides us an indication of potential volunteers willing to steward a project and ensure long-term maintenance, sustainability, and viability. MORC's dedicated trail crews range from 5-12 individuals, per location, who meet weekly to perform maintenance.
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Why do you feel this location is ideal for singletrack trails?
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