AMP Fall 2019 - Rock Band Sign-Ups
Ready to join a band and play some exciting shows?? Well wait no more...AMP Fall 2019 start rehearsals in mid September!

AMP musicians will be placed into a band that will rehearse at a set weekly rehearsal time for 12 weeks this fall. AMP's rehearsal space is located in downtown Indio, CA. After Week 6, your band will be booked for real performances around our community (Nov-Dec). The session will culminate in a showcase (date TBD).

You are expected to be at all of your once-weekly rehearsals, and shows will be given to you with as much advance notice as possible. You are also expected to learn your AMP music outside of rehearsals. If you have the ability and access to take individual lessons at the same time, we definitely encourage that. AMP is not a substitute for technical instruction on your individual instrument.

Submit this form at the latest by August 26th. This ensures that you will have a chance to be assigned to a Rock Band by September 9.

We work hard to ensure that everyone who wants to be able to participate in our AMP Fall experience is able to. However, due to the delicate nature of band lineups and rehearsal availabilities, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOU A SPOT IN A BAND. The best way to increase your chances of being in a band is to submit a wide range of availability.

Tuition for this session will be $400. Payment will be due by September 16, or you can sign up to make smaller recurring monthly payments as an alternative. A special thanks to all of our generous donors and sponsors who allow us to subsidize much of our costs and to offer this session to families at an affordable price.

Partial and full Tuition Aid are also available. Please fill out a Tuition Assistance application and email back to before August 26th. AMP asks that students and/or guardians receiving Tuition Assistance volunteer with AMP no less than 2 times during the Fall session.


**AMP's Rock Band program serves to broaden and enhance your musical learning, but is *not* a substitute for instruction on your primary instrument - if it is at all possible, we encourage you to start or continue taking lessons on your instrument while participating in AMP programming!

AMP programming is open to all qualified young musicians in the Coachella Valley between 11-18 years old. Acceptances are dependent upon the results of a live audition, current capacity of the program, and availabilities.

If you have not participated in any AMP programming before, you need to sign up for a live audition for January 6th. Sign up on our website at

AMP Audition Requirements (DOCUMENT):

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Program Description
Every week, you and a band of other passionate young musicians meet to rehearse a set of music that you choose with your band coach. This can be your original music and covers of songs you love (not genre-specific). After some weeks of rehearsal, you will have many public performance opportunities around the community that you and your band will be able to play. Give yourselves a name, and make songs, memories, and show posters, that will last a lifetime.
AMP Fall 2019 Dates

September 9 - December 15: Regular Session

~12 weeks of weekly rehearsals (once a week)

AMP band rehearsals are scheduled once a week with your band at the same time, based on your given availability. Shows will come up as the fall progresses. These shows are often out in the community at real community events, and then we will have a showcase of all AMP Fall 2019 bands in mid-December (date TBA).

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Final Questions
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Do you know anyone else who would be a good fit in the AMP program or who wants to know more about AMP?
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Have you formed an outside band with other AMP musicians that is currently active?
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Please submit this by 11:59pm on August 25th at the latest. Submitting earlier is welcomed!

Once we have everyone's availability and interest, we will be assigning AMP Rock Bands and scheduling alternate programming based on availability and musician preferences! Band lineups will be out on Tues, September 3.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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