ALE2018 Call for Contributions
The ALE2018 Unconference offers an Open Space program for Europe's Agile and Lean Community. We create the program together in the open space during the event. Our guiding theme is Power Transformance.

'Seed Sessions' are an ALE tradition. They are prepared sessions which are designed in advance to offer the seed germs of an idea for cultivation. During the open space, everyone can pick up the seeds of any idea, mix them together, mash them up, plant them, splice them, alter them, and grow them.

Unlike most sessions which you will create during the event, you can propose seed sessions in advance. We will pre-select ‘seed sessions’ to guide a small stream of curated seed sessions to trickle through the open space.

Use this form to propose a Seed Session. Before you fill out this form, please learn more about our theme, our program and this call for contributions by visiting: http://AgileLean.EU/program

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ALE2018 welcomes many forms of contribution for seed sessions. Let us know what you are intending to contribute. This form is only for seeded sessions. You do not need to propose open space sessions now. You will be able to explore additional ideas and post questions and ideas for session in the market place of ideas during the unconference. We will invite those contributions when we are together at the event.
Would you like to work on your session proposal with an ALE community member who has volunteered to be a session mentor or coach, to help you create your proposal ? *
Mentoring and coaching is offered to all potential Seed Session presenters—both new and familiar voices. If you answer "yes" we will contact you.
Description *
Please give an overview of your planned to contribution, and explain why attendees will be excited to hear about it. Please tell us: What level of knowledge should attendees have before walking into the room, and what will happen. We are likely to publish the description on our website, so "market" your session, and make it attractive to the participants you want to invite. (If you are not sure how to describe your presentation or you want to work with one of our session mentors / coaches to refine your idea, just tell us a little bit about your idea ... or write "I want to refine me idea with you".)
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Tell us about the duration that you intend for your participation. Will it be a talk or a workshop? You will be able to add more exploratory sessions to the market place of ideas during the event.
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Additional Information for the Program Sofa *
This information is a way for you to tell the program sofa more about your submission. This won't be published so feel free to describe your secret sauce. We like spoilers here. They help us understand your session! You can literally tell us anything you want to about your session here. Many people who select sessions for Agile conferences like to see a general outline that describes how you will use the time in your session. We don't require an outline, but it's helpful to include one here. If you have links to sample slide decks, or to videos we should see to learn more about your contribution, please include them here in your information for the program sofa
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Previous Conference Experience
ALE welcomes new voices. Is this your first contribution to a conference? That's great! Been active in many conference and community events? That's great too! We invite you to tell us a little but about your conference experience. What conferences have you attended? Is this your first ALE conference. What about community events. If you have experience contributing to conference and community events, please describe it briefly for us.
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ALE invites new voices. Is this your first contribution to a conference? That's great! ALE invites all voices. Have you been active in conferences, coach camps, bar camps, or community events? That's great too! Tell us about your previous experience as a participant, speaker or facilitator at ALE or other events.
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