Troupe Registrations Phoenix by ADF 2021
Below is the Syllabus for the inaugural Phoenix by ADF 2021 competition. Please ensure that you are available for the dates you are registering for.
Terms & Conditions
Registration Fee
1. A Troupe fee of $80 will apply for each division entered (payable by the studio)
2. A one-off registration fee of $30 is required for each competitor in your troupe regardless of whether they are doing a solo or part of a troupe (payable by the competitor).
For example:
- If a dancer is competing in 2 troupes, they would have to pay $30 x 2 = $60.
- If a dancer is competing in 3 troupes, they would have to pay $30 x 3 = $90
- If a dancer had a solo plus one troupe they would only have to pay $30 (one off registration fee for troupe & solo) + $35 for the solo = $65
3. Fees are non-refundable unless the competition has to be cancelled or postponed (e.g. due to Covid Restrictions etc).
4. Each troupe is required to have a subscription to (a 3rd party provider) to enable the uploading of your music, as well as the delivery of your performance video and voice critiques. Minimum cost for a new subscriber is $3.13 for a 3 month subscription.

Composition of a Troupe
A troupe consists of a minimum eight (8) to a maximum of thirty (30) members. Note that this may increase to 40 if covid restrictions are eased. The members of the troupe may be made up of any combination of males and females. This competition is open to amateurs only. Amateurs will be defined as those who do not earn a majority of their income from teaching, choreographing or performing in a professional capacity

Age Requirement
Each Troupe member MUST conform to the age limits set for each division i.e. as of 1st May 2021, all troupe member must be:
Under 7
10-12 years old
13-14 years old
15+ years old

• Your performance will be seen by an audience including young children, and your choice of costume should be appropriate.
• Clothing too short and/or too tight will be scrutinized and may be deemed inappropriate especially for overexposure of certain areas of the body and/or age appropriateness.
• Removing pieces of clothing during the performance is permitted provided it is not offensive or out of character.

• Props are allowed as a part of your performance, however, as we have time limitations during the competition, you must be able to set up the props and take them off stage within a 30 second time frame (30 seconds to get on, 30 seconds to get off)

Competition Stage
• The competition stage is 10.35m (wide) x 8.84 meters deep. Please refer to the floorplan @

Performance Music Requirements
1. The routine must be performed, in its entirety, to music you have selected and prepared. The music must not contain ANY offensive language.

2. Music length: The length of recorded music for all crew is FOUR minutes (4:00)

3. Troupes must upload their music using

4. Existing subscribers to will not be charged an additional Fees. If you are new to then a minimum fee of $3.13 (3 months subscription) will apply paid directly to This subscription enables us to provide you with the voice critiques and videos of your performance.

Inclusions for your Entry Fees & fees
1. You will receive your video of your Troupe entry as part of your entry fees into your account

2. You will receive voice recordings from 3 judges into your account

• Troupes must arrive and be completely ready (with costumes, make-up, etc.) to compete at least one hour before the scheduled start of your section.
• You must check in with the Stage Manager upon arrival at the venue (Hurstville Entertainment Centre)

Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated by anyone at this competition. Every dance studio/ school will be made responsible for all representing students, teachers, staff & parents behaviour while performing & attending this Competition.

Medical Attention
1. It is the responsibility of the troupe members & troupe manager to report a injury or illness to the competition organizer(s).

2. If at any time prior to or during the competition a troupe member is ill, injured, or his/her physical or emotional condition is at risk by participating, he/she may be declared ineligible to compete, or disqualified from competing further. The competition organizer(s) reserves the right to withdraw any competitor who appears to have such serious disability, injury or needs medical attention.

3. The competition organizer(s) reserves the right to request the submittal of a physician’s written authorization for a crew member to compete whom are deemed medically or emotionally at risk by the competition organizer.

All troupes must provide evidence of the following current insurance to the organizers with their registration and/or sign the waiver below.
• Public Liability Insurance to an amount of no less than $10,000,000
• Insurance adequate to indemnify the competition dancers against loss or damage to your own property and, that of your employees and your subcontractors.
• Insurance adequate to indemnify the Competition Organisers against any injury caused to any of the troupe's performers as a result of the performance.

I authorize the Competition Organisers (Honour Consulting Pty Limited trading as Australian Dance Festival) and their sponsors the use of images for promotional material, being photographs and video footage. The Competition Organiser, all their contracted instructors and staff and Venue (The Hurstville Entertainment Centre) are not liable for any personal injury, or loss or damage to personal property whilst attending the event.
I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions set out above. I am a legal representative/ director of the troupe and have the authority to agree to the terms and conditions set out above. *
Name of Person Agreeing to the Terms & Conditions
Clear selection
Dance Studio / Dance School Details
Name of Dance School / Studio *
Address *
Name of Studio Owner / Troupe Manager
Email Address *
Contact Phone Number *
How did you Hear About Us? You may select more than one option *
I wish to enter a troupe into the following Divisions:
Note that due to time restrictions, we will only have 12 troupes per division (e.g. 12 troupes max in Under 7 years Jazz). This may change if certain divisions are under/ over subscribed.

Please note that a MINIMUM of 10 dancers per Troupe
Maximum of 30 (40 if Covid Restrictions are eased)
Under 7 Years
Troupes 8 - 10 year olds
Troupes 11- 12 year olds
Troupes 13- 14 year olds
Troupes 15+ year olds
Do you have a subscription? If no, we will send you a link and instructions on how to sign up. Please note we require all competitors to have a subscription to enable delivery of performance videos and voice critiques. The minimum cost is $3.13 for a 3 month subscription. *
Thank you for completing your registration
You will receive an email in the next few days with an invoice for you the competition fees, and instructions on how to log into your Phoenix by ADF Studio Managers Profile page. We are working with a new registration system - MyCompHQ which will enable you to manage your troupe members via email and SMS. Instructions and phone support will be provided.

Should you have any queries, please email:

Please note that your troupe registration can only be confirmed once we have received payment of your invoice.

Troupe divisions are currently capped at 12 troupes per division due to time constraints
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