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Very Good
Out Standing
The teacher is punctual.
I am satisfied with style of presentation of the teacher
Understanding of the subject matter.
The teacher is very much cooperative in class
Teacher makes the subject/learning more interesting.
The teacher encourages the students to ask question.
Interest/motivation is generated by the teacher.
Overall rating about the teacher
How much of the syllabus was covered in the class *
How well did the teachers prepare for the classes *
How well were the teachers able to communicate *
The teacher’s approach to teaching can best be described as *
Fairness of the internal evaluation process by the teachers *
Was your performance in assignments discussed with you *
The institute takes active interest in promoting internship, student exchange, field visit opportunities for students *
The teaching and mentoring process in your institution facilitates you in cognitive, social and emotional growth. *
The institution provides multiple opportunities to learn and grow *
Teachers inform you about your expected competencies, course outcomes and programme outcomes. *
Your mentor does a necessary follow-up with an assigned task to you *
The teachers illustrate the concepts through examples and applications *
The teachers identify your strengths and encourage you with providing right level of challenges. *
Teachers are able to identify your weaknesses and help you to overcome them *
The institution makes effort to engage students in the monitoring, review and continuous quality improvement of the teaching learning process. *
The institute/ teachers use student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies for enhancing learning experiences *
Teachers encourage you to participate in extracurricular activities *
What percentage of teachers use ICT tools such as LCD projector, Multimedia, etc. while teaching. *
The overall quality of teaching-learning process in your institute is very good *
Addition Comments: Any grievances/suggestions etc. please feel free to express: *
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