IFP's Campus Connect @ Sayaji Lit Fest, MSU, Baroda
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1. 24 hours are from 5:30 pm 3rd Januaray to 5:30 pm 4th Januaray.
2. The theme will be revealed via Whatsapp will also be published on Social Media Page Sayaji Lit fest, MSU, Baroda.
3. Tasks – Each team has to perform following tasks in the given period of 24 hours.
Scripting, Casting, Location and Art Design, Shooting (You may use DSLR, or Mobile or any
other camera) Editing (must be done on a computer system and not Mobile)
4. Uploading form will be sent to registered Contact Number via Whatsapp one hour prior to the end of the competition.
5. Length of the film can be of 120 seconds max.
6. You can have maximum 5 members in your team, excluding the cast.

All the communication and announcement will be sent to Team Leader's Contact Number and Email ID.

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