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The Office of Student Activities at Penn State - University Park is working to create a stronger partnership between our office, student volunteers on campus, and our local community partner agencies. One way we are hoping to lessen the burden on our local agencies while making it easier for students to find service opportunities, is to create a Community Partner List on our website. With this list, students will be able to search for local organizations to work with on whatever social justice issue they are most passionate about and/or find agencies that have a specific need such as weekly volunteers or volunteers for a yearly event that occurs, etc.

Please fill out the information below to be added to our Community Partner List. If you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Activities at (814) 863-4624 or .
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What are your needs when it comes to volunteers? Do you need short-term volunteers, an ongoing commitment, or one-time event volunteers? *
What kind of tasks will volunteers complete when working with your organization? *
Are there any restrictions for volunteers? (age restrictions, background checks, dress-code, required training, etc.) *
What social justice issues does your organization work with? (ie: youth development, hunger and homelessness, environmental, etc.) *
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