Feng Shui Audit Request Form
Before you start filling up this form: I really hope you went through my blog already and understood my approach and philosophy to feng shui. I am not your typical practitioner where I advocate charms and colours, and neither do I claim that I can resolve all the feng shui flaws of your house.

Charms and colours as remedies are nonsense - feng shui does not work this way. Real feng shui remedies are extremely hard to implement unless you own a piece of land and you're building the house from ground up.

Please understand that I am not the practitioner for everyone because not everyone is ready to accept my approach to this field which I believe is the right approach. Not everyone 'deserves' a good house. If you feel that feng shui is about items, colours, or furniture arrangement, I do suggest you engage another practitioner.


Please fill up the form I will reach out to you within 24 hours to finalize the details. Please note that I have a screening process and I do not take up all feng shui cases that come to me. I have reasons for this and I do seek your understanding. Please go through my blog (www.masterseanchan.com/blog) to understand why.

Do have the following ready:

1) Scanned copy of your house floor plan

2) Birth details of the tenants staying in the house to be fill under "Tenant Details":
a) Name & Gender
b) Birth date & EXACT birth time
c) Birth country and city

Email address *
What Service Do You Wish To Engage Me For? *
Service Description
Feng Shui Audit - This is an audit of a single unit. Most people end up going for this service as they would have already purchased a unit before wanting a practitioner to go down. I hope you've read my blog and understood that a practitioner cannot go into a bad house and miraculously turn it into a good one.

Hunt Hunting - This service is where I hunt for a house together with you. I will not be able to go down to each unit you visit. Instead, I'll be screening through floor plans to shortlist the best houses to let you make an informed decision on which is the best house to purchase. I will screen up to 20 floor plans but I am flexible with this.

Online Consultation - This service is catered for foreign clients where an onsite audit is not possible.

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