Application for the rRest Practitioners Certification Program
We are pleased you are interested in the rRest Practitioners Certification Program. Filling out this application is a valuable exercise in self-reflection and clarity. We would love to have you participate with us to learn this powerful technique if it's a good fit. Filling out this application will support you in the growth of your business and help us get to know you and help us design the program to meet your needs.
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What is your vision for yourself? Do you see yourself using rRest for yourself, family, friends, current clients, and/or starting a new business? *
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What holds you back from creating what you desire in your life? What's been your biggest challenge so far in the area of growth for yourself or your business? *
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Adding rRest to your existing practice will accelerate your client's success. You may want to increase your rates or make other changes in how you see clients or your business structure. How do you see rRest integrating into your existing practice? *
On a scale of 1-5, how successful have you been enrolling paying clients? (be as honest with yourself as you can) *
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On a scale of 1-5, how successful have you been helping your clients get the results they are looking for? (be as honest with yourself as you can) *
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On a scale of 1-5, how committed are you to improving your clients results with rRest? (be as honest with yourself as you can) *
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How much money would you like to make in your business a year from now? *
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