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We realize there are a lot of questions to answer; please understand they are all in the best interest of you and the animal for which you are applying. Please take the time to carefully read and complete all questions as best as possible as they are designed to assist with placing our animals in an environment that meets their personality and needs. Our wish is for the pet and the adoptive family alike to be content with the decision, thus resulting in a permanent placement.

Please note that we cannot consider you for an adoption until we receive a completed application. We welcome your questions, but inquiring about an animal is not considered an application and a submitted application does not commit you to adopt, but is the first step toward completing the process. Only approved applications will be considered in the decision making process so if you are even slightly interested in one of our animals, you should submit an application as they find homes quickly. You should receive notification that we have received your application. If you are approved to adopt, you will be notified and typically invited to a meet-&-greet with the animal and their foster.

As a potential adopter, please thoroughly read the following Rules and Disclosures. Please note that entering your name to this application signifies your acknowledgement and agreement to following Rules and Disclosures.

*Generally, NKL requires all members of your family, including dogs, to be present at the time of adoption or meet the animal prior to finalizing the adoption.

*Any monies paid to NKL are considered a donation to provide care for this and other homeless pets and are NOT REFUNDABLE, but may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser. NKL is a (501c3) non-profit organization.

*NKL makes every effort to assure that the animal you adopt is healthy. We do this by having each pet examined by a veterinarian prior to adoption. The exam typically includes the de-worming and vaccination of the animal against communicable diseases including: parvovirus and distemper for dogs and puppies and distemper for cats and kittens. All dogs over the age of six months are tested for heart worms and treated if necessary. All cats are tested for feline AIDS and feline leukemia. And all animals will be spayed/neutered before adoption is finalized. Occasionally, a pet may not show symptoms of an illness until after adoption, as many illnesses have an incubation period of 17-21 days. This is completely unavoidable and occurs not only in shelter/rescue type settings, but also with pet stores, breeders, and any environment where there are a number of animals present at any given time. We require that your new pet be re-examined by a vet within 7 days after the adoption. This is in the animal's best interest and the interest of any existing animals you may have. You will be responsible for all medical expenses incurred after the adoption is completed.

*NKL strives for the appropriate match of animals and adoptive families based on the known temperament of the animal, as well as, the evaluation of potential adopters and the living environment they will be able to offer the animal. If for any reason the adoption of the animal is unsuccessful, NKL requires that we are notified immediately and the animal is to be returned to NKL. In addition, NKL may claim the adopted animal at any time if it is determined that the adopters have not complied with the requirements of the adoption contract or mislead NKL at anytime during the adoption process.

*NKL has the right to approve or deny the adoption application. This application is used as part of the adoption approval process in order to determine the best home for the animal. Under no circumstances will any animal be used in any type of animal fighting activity or as an attack dog, nor shall it be kept with the intention of promoting aggressiveness or for breeding.

*The completion of this application does not guarantee the adoption. You understand that NKL will contact you if your application is approved. NKL may use our adoption contract to obtain your name and email address when you adopt one of our animals. We use your email address only for update mailings and occasional newsletters.

*****I certify that I am 18 years of age or older, and have read and understand the conditions of this adoption application.
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Co-Adopters Date of Birth
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Please tell us about yourself and Co-Adopter (if applicable). *
List your occupation, employer name, and length of time at your current job. If unemployed, please explain how you will fund the costs of keeping the pet healthy including vetting and any boarding or other expenses. *
PERSONAL REFERENCE #1 Name, email, and/or phone number *
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Why do you want to adopt a dog? *
Which dog are you applying to for?
If the dog is unavailable, would you be interested in similar dogs? *
What age of dog are you interested in? *
What gender are you looking for? *
What energy level would work best with your lifestyle? *
Describe your ideal dog. Please also explain how you plan on helping your dog to this stage. *
List family pets along with how long you've owned them and where the pet is now. *
If you currently have pets, are they spayed/neutered? *
Are your pets up-to-date on vaccinations and monthly preventatives? Monthly preventatives refer to flea and tick preventatives as well as Heart-worm preventatives *
Provide the name, phone number, and/or email address for your most recent or current veterinarian. Please ask your vet to release your pet's records to No Kill Louisville. This will facilitate the process.
On a regular day, how many hours will the dog be left alone? *
Do you have a contingency plan to pay for unexpected emergency vet bills? A dog costs hundreds to thousands of dollars a year to take care of properly. Do you plan on getting pet health insurance? *
How soon do you want to adopt a dog? *
HOUSING - Do you.... *
If you rent, please provide the name and phone # of your landlord. Their approval to adopt is required. Not providing this information will result in your application NOT getting processed.
Do you have a yard? *
Are all members of your household in agreement about adopting a dog? *
List the members of your household. Name/Relation/Age INCLUDING CHILDREN *
Does anyone in the household have pet allergies? *
Where will the dog spend time alone? *
Have you ever had to give up a pet? If so, why and where did the pet go? *
Have you been involved in domestic disturbances in which the police were called? If so, please explain. *
If you are adopting with a partner, who will get custody if there is a break up? While no one want to think about this happening, it is a common problem and we ask this question so that adopters will have a plan in place if such an unfortunate circumstance were to happen. *
How did you hear about us? *
If you were referred by a No Kill Louisville adopter, volunteer, foster, please give us their name.
Are you willing to work thru unexpected issues with your pet and hire a trainer if need be? ie: house training, separation anxiety, socialization, fear, adjustments to other pets *
Describe any experience you've had with obedience training or with medical or behavioral issues. *
Describe your philosophy of training and how you plan to train your new dog. *
Do you agree to a No Kill Louisville volunteer conducting a home visit? *
Do you agree to pay the adoption fee if approved? *
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