Startup Connect - InnoCamp 12.5.-17.5.2019 Kick off 3.4. - 4.4.2019 in Kouvola/Kotka
StartUp Connect project supports startups, student entrepreneurship and SME cooperation in the cross-border region and forms a community of business leaders and future business leaders ready for global success.

The InnoCamp is a revolutionary learning program. It brings together companies and students for an intensive one week camp experience in 2019.
Are you looking for an internship or summer job opportunity? Look no further! The companies participating in the program are looking for YOU! Team up with four private companies, who invites you to disrupt their business - together with YOU. Show your skills, work closely with great industry people and acquire the professional knowledge. One never knows - YOU might even land the job or internship you have been waiting for!

We are recruiting 25-30 students from Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences to take part in the first batch of the program.

We are looking for Bachelor and Master Degree students towards the end of their studies from multidisciplinary background such as e.g. engineering, design, business, IT and social sciences.

Dates: KICK OFF 3.4. - 4.4.2019 in Kouvola
InnoCamp 12.5.-17.5.2019 in Kotka (XLAB co-workingspace)

Startup Connect is providing you with free education worth 5 study-credits as well as travel and accommodation expense. (Accommodation will be in Kotka - Santalahti)

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