HR Services Needs Assessment
In our enlightened and lawsuit mad world, businesses must tread carefully to make certian they don't accidentally step on employee's toes. This causes problems for small and midsized companies that don't have the time, the staff or the expertise to deal with all those complex and constantly changing human resources issues. More and more companies solve these problems by looking externally to HR Consulting services providers to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the HR process.  

Your experience in this area of people management and the perspective you bring plays a critical role in identifying your needs, concerns  and challenges. LinHR Consulting Inc. ask for your support in taking this 5 minutes survey. Your voice matters.  

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What industry is your business in? *
When did your organization establish? (YYYY)? *
How many employees on your payroll? *
Who is handling the HR tasks *
You consider your employee in charge of Human Resources, as a trusted advisor and discussion partner when making business decisions. *
What are your urgent HR or Payroll questions? *
Do you contact a lawyer when you have issues with employees? *
What areas of Human Resources are of most concern to you as a business leader/owner? *
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We have it under control; things are good
Want to address but don't have the budget
No concern at all
Recruitment & Selection
Legislation Compliance
HR Policies & Procedures
Training & Development
Compensation (Job Descriptions, Salary Administration, Budgeting)
Employee Relations (Morale, Engagement, Grievance Resolution)
Workforce Management Metrics and Performance Management
Health & Safety
HR & Payroll Information System
Would you like to hire an HR Management Consultant on an as-needed and cost-effective basis to maximize your human capital?   *
What is the number one service, LinHR should be providing to business owners on hire as-needed, cost effective basis? *
Would you like start progressing to a better HR atmosphere for your company, with the help of LinHR? If so, feel free to write down your phone number and email address...
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