2022 SMGN Bloggers For Gift Guides $15 per guide or $75 for all 7 guides. Sent to las93063@gmail.com more information is here: https://wp.me/p4H4JM-yuC
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Do you have children? Please list boy/girl and ages so I know some of the companies to match you with.
Email for invoice for guide(s) or paid date *
Blog Specialties (green, giveaways, kids, etc) list as many as you would like - some sponsors want bloggers in certain areas. *
Pageviews - all numbers can be approx. but may need to prove to certain sponsors so please do not go crazy LOL *
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How long have you been blogging? *
I understand that I must post all giveaways for my group on time and share all giveaways 3 times per week if I choose to have my links included. I am required to post my links to giveaways on each giveaways reporting form. *
I will post the gift guide on my blog before the start date. The gift guide cannot be changed it must be posted as sent. You will be given the HTML. I will also need to report my link on the main reporting form. I will promote the guide at least 2 times per week. *
I am stating my numbers above are true to the best of my knowledge and I may need to provide screenshots for specific sponsors to prove my numbers that are stated. We will let you know when you are accepted by sending you the HTML for the next guide. Any questions please email Social Media Guru Network Laura Smith - las93063@gmail.com *
If I am doing giveaways I will use the required information on the format of the sample when putting giveaways together. You need to post the hosting blog, co hosts, blogs doing giveaways on your giveaways. You also need to add links to the form for the bloggers promoting from the guide, 2 for each blogger that is posting giveaways that is on the guide. You will need to put giveaway name and HTML link in the reporting form giveaway page, before the giveaway starts. You can take co hosts and that should be signed up for before the giveaway. I will also email the link to the html to Laura at las93063@gmail.com so she can send to her list of bloggers to help promote. Please offer 1 link for posting and promoting (facebook, twitter, pinterest at minimjum) so we can limit the entries and get more contestants. You can also offer co host spots for any amount for bloggers not on the guide. Also you can offer 2 additional links to purchase. Again that money is yours to keep to promote etc. Optional: add to daily dazzle blog opps, add to Bloggers Opportunity Galore facebook group. *
Once I receive an email saying I was chosen by a sponsor I will contact the sponsor within 3 days. If I cannot I will let Laura know right away. The chosen blogger will need to reply to the email received so Social Media Gurus Network knows it was received. In the email will be all the sponsor information including which package they have chosen. This blogger will be responsible for billing them through paypal. Social Media Guru Network does not touch any of the billing/money. Please send review links and giveaway links to sponsor. If you are sharing others reviews then post your link at the top of the reviews page, with a link to the review. All reviews must have a featured image so it will be picked up when we try to share, also tag the sponsor. *
I am responsible for sending the sponsors the winners information. Please follow through if contacted by winner(s) and the prize was not received. *
I am responsible for putting the name of the review and link to the review on the main reporting form so others can share the post, if I am sharing reviews. I am also responsible for putting the links in the gift guide. I am responsible for sharing each review from everyone, at minimum twice per week until the end of the guide, if you want your reviews shared. Or you need to opt out here of any sharing. *
I understand everything that is required of me. Including that the guide costs $15 to join. Sent to las93063@gmail.com I agree to fulfill the requirements as stated. I understand by submitting this I want to be part of the Gift Guide(s) I chose. I also know this will need more of my time and I am committing to the guide. I will receive complete information, and help as needed. I realize I will need to contact current and potential sponsors about the guides. No sponsor needs to fill out the sponsor information form unless you want them to. You are not required to share information from your sponsors unless you want more bloggers to review their products, then it must go through Laura. If you are a chosen or recommended blogger you will be contacted within 24 hours and you will need to contact the sponsor and keep us informed of any issues and when things will be posted. Please make for sure the client oks all reviews and/or giveaways and if there are any coupon codes or special links to use - please verify you are using them before submitting. Even if I am just posting the guide I will promote it as much as possible. *
The only requirement to join the guide is to post the guide and report your link. *
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