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Dear Parents and Students:

We here at Design Science Middle College High School are excited about the upcoming school year!  The first day of school is August 6th.  School will be virtual the first semester.  School breakfast and lunch are available at various home schools but not on the Fresno City College site.

All students enrolled at a Fresno Unified School District site are eligible to receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at no charge during the 2020-2021 school year. No further action is required of you. Your children will be able to participate in the breakfast and lunch meal programs without having to pay a fee or submit a meal application. School meals are a huge convenience for busy families!  Contact the school district at 457-3000 to find the site nearest you!

Tressa Overstreet, Principal

STUDENT Information
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Other Contact Information
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If you would be interested in being a member of the Design Science School Site Council, please complete the nomination information below and return the bottom portion to school.

School Site Council members serve a two-year term and are responsible for attending meetings on the first Monday of every month at 4:00PM.
Serving on the School Site Council is a great way to get involved in your child’s education.

The School Site council develops the School Site Plan, makes sure it is being implemented, and oversees the school’s categorical (title I, IEP, SIP) funding.

Parent representatives on the School Council are elected by the parents of our students.

If you have any questions, please call Design Science High School office at 489-2270.

Would you be interested in serving on the Design Science High School Site Council as a Parent Representative? *
Would you be interested in joining the Design Science Parent Boosters--a club that supports Design Science in fundraising and events such as dances, prom, senior breakfast, staff appreciation, club activities and JROTC?

Boosters *
For the purpose of fostering a professional and academic school culture, below is the DSHS standard dress policy.

Must be fitted and worn at waist and not below hip bone
No more than one size bigger or smaller
Must be hemmed, no holes or tears
No baggy style, no sagging
No sweats or jogging styles
Elastic waist acceptable
No spandex, tight fitting stretch pants or leggings

No lace or “see through” material
No midriff exposed

Sandals must have a back strap
No high heels, no platform shoes, no steel-toed shoes
No thigh highs or leggings allowed

No logos allowed

No jewelry with chains, spikes and/or studs is allowed

All students must wear a picture student ID attached Lanyard.  No defacing ID, or ID holder.  

We have read and understand this Standard of Dress Policy. By choosing to attend DESIGN SCIENCE MIDDLE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL, we will adhere to this code. *
Dear Design Science Parents/Guardians:

The following is a description of the F.U.S.D. policy concerning student’s attendance at a magnet school:

Students accepted into a magnet school/program are subject to having their application approval revoked at any time for the following:

* Not maintaining satisfactory academic progress (below 2.0)
* Excessive absenteeism: (no more than 6 unexcused days absent)
* Excessive disciplinary problems including two suspensions in one quarter
* Providing inaccurate or false application information
* Using the magnet school/programs to attend an alternative school site for non-academic purposes such as athletics

Students being dropped or dropping a magnet school program will automatically be returned to their home school and/or any athletic eligibility at the magnet school will be revoked.

For further information contact:
Prevention and Intervention Office
1833 E. Street, Fresno, CA 93706
Phone: 559-457-3340
www.fresnounified.org, click on schools

We have read and understand the Magnet School Agreement *
The Fresno Unified School District Board of Education has established policies and standards of behavior, which promote learning and protect the safety and well-being of students. When these policies are violated, it may be necessary to suspend or expel a student. Board policy 5144.1 supports a zero tolerance approach to serious offenses

The Board of Education herby declares the Fresno Unified School District to have Zero Tolerance Policy on:

1. Possessing loaded or unloaded firearms
2. Possessing knifes and other dangerous weapons
3. Possessing explosive devices
4. Possessing* and/or selling controlled substances
5. Causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self defense
6. Arson
7. Sexual assault (including attempt) or sexual battery

*exceptions outlined in EC 48915 (a)(1)(C)

The offenses listed above will not be tolerated in the school buildings, school grounds, buses, or at any school-related or school –sponsored activity.

This policy shall apply to students in grades 4-12. All students who commit an offense listed under this policy will be immediately suspended. Students may be recommend for expulsion unless it is determined that expulsion should not be recommended under the circumstances or that an alternative means of correction would address the conduct. No exceptions shall be made in the case of the following offenses:

Possession of a firearm
Brandishing a knife
Sale of a controlled substance
Sexual assault/sexual battery
Possession of Explosives

Students who violate the applicable Penal Codes referenced by this policy will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

This policy is publicized and each student and parent/guardian will be asked to sign a copy of the Zero Tolerance Letter of Notification. Parents/Guardians are also requested to acknowledge the receipt of the Zero tolerance Letter of Notification by their signature on the Illness and Accident Procedure Card. If the letter and/or card are not returned to the school, the policy still applies to all students in grades 4-12.

I have read the Zero Tolerance Policy and I have discussed it with my school-age child(ren). We understand the intent of the policy, and the possible consequences associated with violation of the policy.

I have read the Zero Tolerance Policy and I have discussed it with my school-age child(ren). We understand the intent of the policy, and the possible consequences associated with violation of the policy. *
Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable use of District Technology occurs where the primary purpose of such use is to improve student learning and prepare students to be career ready graduates.
By using District technology and networks, Learners implicitly agree to the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy. If a Learner is uncertain about whether a particular use is acceptable, he or she should consult a teacher, administrator or other appropriate District personnel.
SUMMARY: This Acceptable Use Policy ("AU?"') was written to inform students, their families, and District staff about acceptable ways in which Fresno Unified School District ("District'') information technology may be used. The District's information technology and systems will be referred to as "District Technology" in the rest of this document.
Technology Responsible Use

I am responsible for practicing positive digital citizenship and ethical conduct.

• I will practice positive digital citizenship, including appropriate behavior and contributions on websites, social media, discussion boards, media sharing sites, and all other electronic communications, including new technology.
• I will be honest in all digital communication.
• I understand that what I do and post online must not disrupt school activities or compromise school safety and security.
• I will use school appropriate language in all electronic communications, including email, social media posts, audio recordings, video conferencing, and artistic works.
• I will not send and/or distribute hateful, discriminatory, or harassing digital communications, or engage in sexting.
• I understand that bullying in any form, including cyberbullying, is unacceptable.
• I will not seek out, display, or circulate material that is hate speech, sexually explicit, or violent.
• I am responsible for keeping personal information private.
• I will not share personal information about myself or others including, but not limited to, names, home addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, or visuals such as pictures, videos, and drawings.
• I will abide by this Acceptable Use Policy
• I understand that the use of the District network for illegal, political, or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

I am responsible for my passwords and my actions on District accounts.

• I will not share any school or District usernames and passwords with anyone.
• I will not access the account information of others.
• I will log out of unattended equipment and accounts in order to maintain privacy and security.

I am responsible for respecting the works of others.

• I will follow all copyright (http://copyright.gov/title171) guidelines.
• I will not download illegally obtained music, software, apps, and other works.

Definitions: As used in this document, the word "Learner" includes anyone-employees, students, parents, and guests-who uses District Technology. Only Learners who agree to this Acceptable
Use Policy are authorized to use District Technology. The use of District Technology is offered to students and staff primarily for educational purposes, as a privilege that must be safeguarded by all learners. The District is committed to improving student achievement and preparing all students to be career ready graduates, and uses District Technology for this purpose. District Technology includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, computer hardware, laptops, tablets, e-readers, software, local wired and wireless networks, and access to the Internet. These items provide tools that can be used to access information and communicate with people, enhance learning, and enable the district to operate efficiently. Technology and people's use of technology is always changing so it is critical that the District ensure a safe learning environment for students and staff; safeguards for the privacy of electronic data; and protect the District's technology assets. District Technology remains at all times the property of the District.

Technology Acceptable Use
This Acceptable Use Policy shall conform to existing district policies including Board Policy 0440 and 0440.1 (Technology Board Policies & Administrative Regulations), as well as established procedures and copyright laws. If any portion of these policies conflicts with federal, state or local laws, those laws take precedence, leaving the remaining policies in this AUP in full effect.

In a single sentence, the District's policy can be summarized as follows: Acceptable use of District Technology occurs where the primary purpose of such use is to improve student learning and prepare students to be career ready graduates. This Technology AUP is intended to:

• Prevent or discourage unauthorized access and other unlawful activities online;
• Prevent or discourage unauthorized disclosure of or access to sensitive information;
• Comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act of 1997 ("CIP A");
• Define policies for managing electronic documents that are the property of the District.
• Enhance teaching and learning;
• Increase safety for students and staff;
• Improve the efficiency of district technology systems;
• Ensure alignment with the District's Core Beliefs and Commitments;
• Ensure compliance with applicable district policies, state and federal laws; and
• Educate students, staff, and other who use the District's technology

Filtering. The District will use a variety of technology protection measures on the District's networks to block or filter, to the extent practicable, access to visual depictions that are obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors, or other content that is not academically relevant. The
District reserves the right to monitor Learners' online activities and to store, access, any electronic communication or content and to disclose it to others as the District deems necessary. Learners should have no expectation of privacy regarding their use of District property, network and/or Internet access or files, including email or other forms of communication using District Technology.

Bring your Own Device ("BYOD"). Some District sites allow students or staff to bring their own technology - including cell phones, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, or other mobile device - for approved use in the school environment. Each school decides on its own whether or not to allow BYOD. If Learners do bring their own devices, they are still subject to this AUP to the extent that their device uses District Services and Networks (wired or wireless) to access internal or Internet based information and data.

Obligations. Learners and other users are required to follow this policy and report any misuse of District Technology, including the District's network or the Internet to a supervisor or other appropriate District personnel. Access to District Technology is provided primarily for education and District business. Staff may use the Internet for incidental personal use during duty-free time.

Violations. Violation of these policies may result one or more of the following: disciplinary action and/or termination for employees and temporary staff; termination of contracts for consultants or contract employees; reimbursement to the District for disallowed charges; or dismissal for interns and volunteers. In the case of a student violation, the violation can result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by site administration up to and including removal of technology privileges, removal from class, suspension and expulsion. Additionally, individuals are subject to loss of access privileges, civil, and if warranted, criminal prosecution. The District will attempt to tailor any disciplinary action to the specific issues related to each violation.

Unacceptable Uses of District Technology
Listed below are several examples of inappropriate activities using District Technology. The list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but is representative of inappropriate uses. The District reserves the right to take immediate action regarding inappropriate activities that (1) create security and/or safety issues for the District, students, employees, schools, network or computer resources; (2) expend District resources on content that the District in its sole discretion determines lacks legitimate educational content/purpose; or (3) are otherwise determined by District as inappropriate.

Inappropriate activities include:
1. Violating any state or federal law or municipal ordinance, such as, accessing or transmitting pornography; obscene depictions; materials harmful to minors; materials that encourage others to violate the law; confidential information; or copyrighted materials.

2. Criminal activities that can be punishable under the law.

3. Selling or purchasing illegal items or substances.

4. Obtaining and/or using anonymous email or "anonymizer" sites, especially for the purpose of evading the District's content filtering systems; spamming email accounts; spreading viruses; or conducting phishing attacks.

5. Causing harm to others or damage to their property.

6. Using profane, abusive, or impolite language; cyberbullying, including threatening, harassing, or making damaging or false statements about others; or accessing, transmitting, or downloading offensive, harassing, or disparaging materials.

7. Deleting, copying, modifying, or forging other users' names, emails, files, or data disguising one's identity, impersonating other users, or sending anonymous email.

8. Damaging computer equipment, files, data or the network in any way, including intentionally accessing, transmitting or downloading computer viruses or other harmful files or programs, or disrupting any computer system performance.

9. Using any District Technology to pursue "hacking," whether on targets internal or external to the District, or attempting to access information protected by privacy laws.

10. Accessing, transmitting or downloading large files-- in particular, but not limited to, using "torrent" software to illegally download copyrighted digital materials--or using valuable bandwidth for non-academic activities such as network games or serving as a host for such activities.
11. Using email or web services to distribute "chain letters" or any type of "pyramid schemes".

12. Using web sites, email, networks, or other technology for political uses or personal gain, including advertising, or promoting non-district websites or commercial efforts and events. District internet and intranet property must not be used for personal benefit. Learners must not intentionally access, create, store or transmit material that may deemed to be offensive, indecent, obscene, intimidating, or hostile; or material that harasses, insults or attacks others. Learners must not violate any applicable copyright laws. This includes, but is not limited to, the installation of software on district computers for which software the Learner does not have a valid and unexpired software license.

Supporting Information or Additional Obligations

The following information or additional obligations support the District Technology AUP.

Network Security and Password Policies

1. Learners must report any weaknesses in the District's Internet and intranet security or any incidents of possible misuse or violation of this agreement to the District Webmaster, by sending email to:webmaster@fresnounified.org.

2. Learners must not attempt to access any data or programs for which they do not have authorization or explicit consent.

3. District Technology includes networks and services that are shared resources. Learners must not purposefully engage in activities that deliberately degrade the performance of District Technology systems and related Information Technology property; deprive an authorized District Learner access to a District resource; obtain extra resources beyond those allocated; or circumvent the District's security measures.

4. Learners must not download, install or run security programs or utilities that reveal or exploit weaknesses in the security of the District's Information Technology systems and related Information Technology property.

5. All private data must be kept confidential and secure by the Learner. The fact that the data may be stored electronically does not change the requirement to keep information confidential and secure. Rather, the type of information or the information itself is the basis for determining whether the data must be kept confidential and secure. If this data is stored in a paper or electronic format, or if the data is copied, printed, or transmitted electronically the data must still be protected if it is confidential and secured.

6. All software programs, applications, source code, object code, documentation and data shall be guarded and protected.

7. The District reserves the right to remove any content (organizational or personal) on the internet or intranet at any time, without cause or notice.

8. There is no guarantee of personal privacy or access to the District's Technology. The district reserves the right to search and/or monitor any information created, accessed, sent, received, and/or stored in any format by any district employee on district equipment or any equipment connected to the district's network.

9. All commercial software used on District Technology systems are copyrighted and designated for District use. Learners must abide by all license agreements.

Password Policy

1. Passwords should be treated as confidential information.

2. Every Leaner provided with a Learner ID and Password should maintain his or her password privately, and should not share his or her password with anyone else. No personnel should ask for, or be given, another Learner's password, even for support purposes.

3. Personal passwords should be changed at least every 180 days. However, the district may, at its sole discretion, enforce periodic password changes based on role responsibility and usage.

4. Default passwords should be changed within one day.

5. Password complexity must conform to the password policy based on role responsibility, usage or appropriate for leaner’s age.

6. Passwords must not include your employee number, name, SSN, phone number, birthday, or the name of your department or school.

7. Learner account passwords shall be protected by the individual Learner from use by, or disclosure to, any other individual or organization. All security violations shall be reported to school or department administration.

Access Controls, Information Security, and Accountability

1. Departments and schools that have District Technology must provide appropriate access controls in order to monitor and protect business data and associated programs from misuse.

2. All Learners are responsible for managing their own use of District Technology and are accountable for their actions relating to security. Learners are also equally responsible for reporting any suspected or confirmed violations of this policy to the appropriate management responsible for FUSD Information Technology system security incident handling.

3. Access to FUSD Information Technology equipment must be properly documented, authorized and controlled.

4. Access authority for each Learner will be reviewed on a regular basis, as well at each job status change such as: a transfer, promotion, demotion, or termination of service.

5. Schools and Departments responsible for the custody and operation of District technology shall be responsible for proper authorization and related technology use, the establishment of effective use, and reporting of performance to management.

6. On termination of the relationship with FUSD all security policies for FUSD apply and remain in force surviving the terminated relationship.

Incidental Use

As a convenience to the District Learner community, incidental personal use of District technology is permitted The AUP Policy still applies to incidental use with the addition of the following limitations:
1. Incidental personal use of District technology by Learners does not extend to family members or other acquaintances.

2. Incidental personal use must not result in direct costs to the District.

3. Incidental personal use must not interfere with the normal performance of an employee's work duties or student learning.

Compliance / Regulation Contributed to by this Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy relies, in part, in requirements or concept from the following:

1. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIP AA)
2. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act 1974 (FERPA)
3. Copyright Act of 1976
4. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977
5. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986
6. Computer Security Act of 1987
7. Children's Internet Protection Act of2000 (CIP A)

By signing this Acceptable Use Policy you acknowledge the importance of personal responsibility in adhering to these policies. '
"I understand and agree to comply with the above stated district and school policy and procedures and the related Board Policies 0440.1 and 6162.7 and their supporting Administrative Regulations."

By selecting I AGREE I am signing this Acceptable Use Policy. Also, you acknowledge the importance of personal responsibility in adhering to these policies. '"I understand and agree to comply with the above stated district and school policy and procedures and the related Board Policies 0440.1 and 6162.7 and their supporting Administrative Regulations. *
Textbooks Rules
1. It is recommended that textbooks be covered at all times (Do not use self-adhering covers)

2. If you received a damaged book, return it for assessment. The damage will be noted or the book replaced. (If the book is not returned within one week of receiving it, the student will be held financially responsible for the replacement or repair costs.)

3. Students will be held responsible for any damage to books issued to them for the school year.

Type of damage Typical repair charges
Missing barcode         $5
Miscellaneous marking/dirt $5
Broken/torn corners or cover         $5- up to full rebinding fee ($16)

4. If a book is returned with damaged corners, damaged or lose binding, or graffiti…a repair or rebind fee will be charged. Rebinding charges=$16.00. If the damages cannot be repaired, the student will be charged the full replacement cost of the book.

5. If there is evidence of water damage (other liquid), the student will be charged the replacement cost of the book…particularly if the book con not be used again.

6. If a student loses a book, he/she will be required to pay the replacement cost of the book. (If the book is returned, a refund will be issued by the financial secretary.)

7. DO NOT LEND your books to anyone or check out books for a friend. (You are responsible for any instructional materials checked out in your name.)

I understand that I need to return all of the textbooks that I have borrowed from Fresno Unified School District. If they are damaged or not returned, I also understand that I will be required to pay a repair charge or the replacement cost if the book is not repairable. Students who still have school books checked out after June 1st may not be able to participate in end of school activities. *

Please review the following examples of inappropriate behavior with your child:
Making unsolicited written, verbal, or physical contact with sexual overtones.
Visual conduct – leering, making sexual gestures, displaying sexually suggestive objects or pictures, cartoons or posters.
Verbal conduct – making or using derogatory comments, slurs, and jokes.
Verbal abuse of a sexual nature, graphic verbal commentaries about
        an individuals body, sexually degrading words used to describe an
        individual, suggestive or obscene letters, notes or invitations.
Physical conduct – touching, assault, impeding or blocking
Continuing to express sexual interest after being informed that the
        interest is unwelcome.
Making reprisals, threats of reprisal or implied threats of reprisal
        following a negative response.

By selecting I AGREE, I acknowledge that I have reviewed these examples with my child.

By selecting I AGREE, I acknowledge that I have reviewed these examples with my child. *
Staff/Student/Parent Compact

Staff Section:
I understand the importance of the school experience to every student and my role as an educator. Therefore, I will voluntarily:
Foster/encourage parent/teacher partnerships
Receive training in strategies to effectively communicate with parents
Teach California adopted grade level standards, skills, and concepts
         that provide a quality curriculum instruction in a supportive and
         effective learning environment
Strive to address the individual needs of your child
Communicate with you regarding your child’s progress
Provide a safe, positive and healthy learning environment for your
Communicate homework and classroom expectations
Correct and return appropriate work in a timely manner
Support your child’s primary language and culture
Show respect to self and others at all times
Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer, participate and
        observe in child’s classroom

Student Section:
I know that my education is important and that I am the one responsible for my own success. Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
Attend school everyday on time and ready to learn
Review my classwork with my parent(s) weekly
Return completed homework on time
Follow school rules and be responsible for my own behavior at all
Ask for help when needed
Show respect to self and others at all times

Parent Section:
I understand that my participation in my child’s education will help his/her achievement and attitude. Therefore, I will voluntarily:
Foster/encourage parent teacher partnerships
Attend back to school night event, Parent/Teacher conferences, Festivals/Open House, and other events
Encourage my child to engage in reading activities for at least 30
        minutes every day
Provide a quiet place/time for my child to complete his/her homework
Make sure my child gets adequate sleep and has a healthy diet
Adhere to the school’s homework, discipline, dress code and
        attendance policies
Participate in district opportunities for parent training
Support all elements of the Parent Involvement Policy adopted by
        the FUSD School Board
Show respect to self and others at all times

I have read and understand the staff/student/parent compact *
Communication with DSHS Parents
In our efforts to communicate we ask that you read the information below which highlights three methods of communication developed to help keep you informed:

1. Design Science website:  www.fresnou.org/schools/designscience

2. School messenger voice messages: These phone messages are sent home weekly as reminders and highlights of the upcoming week.

3. Email
I have read and understand the three methods of communications developed to keep our Design Science parents informed. *
California Education Code (EC) 48980 requires school districts to annually notify parents of their rights and responsibilities with respect to a number of topics listed in the California Education Code. Additionally, EC 48982 requires that schools collect signatures from parents to ensure that they have been made aware of how to access the information contained in the Notification of Parental Rights and Responsibilities.  The handbook is available on the Design Science website under the "Parent" tab.
Each student is responsible for his/her own acceptable behavior as well as the protection of other students’ rights to due process and to fair and just treatment. Please read and use this handbook to answer questions you may have.
I acknowledge, with my submission, the receipt of the required annual notification of parent/student rights on behalf of my son/daughter.

Fresno Unified offers a number of opportunities to publicize positive school and student
accomplishments and events. Throughout the year, district staff and/or media escorted by district
staff may come to our classrooms or to school events in order to photograph students for district
publications, displays, web site news stories or similar purposes. Your child may appear in a
photograph or a video, or his/her voice may be recorded for district messages.

Note: Parent-signed media releases are not needed when photographing or videotaping
anonymous students engaged in normal classroom/school activities or when photographing or
videotaping students at events that are open to the public, such as music concerts, theater
productions or other events.

YES I give permission to Fresno Unified to photograph my son/daughter for use in any and all
district publications, including newsletters, calendars, media projects, brochures, school or district
websites, or any other broadcast, online or publication media.

NO I DO NOT give permission to Fresno Unified to photograph my son/daughter for use in any and  
all district publications, including newsletters, calendars, media projects, brochures, school or
district websites, or any other broadcast, online or publication media.

To support student achievement, two-way communication between home and school is important.
Fresno Unified School District is offering attendance and academic information by email and/or by
text message to your cell phone. This service is optional and participation can be stopped at any
time by contacting your child’s school. Text message charges may apply, depending on your text
message plan.

YES I want to receive text messages on my cell phone
YES I want to receive email messages
NO I DO NOT want to receive text messages on my cell phone
NO I DO NOT want to receive email messages

PHOTO AND MEDIA RELEASE CONSENT FORM (for general photos that may feature your student involved in DSMCHS activities) *
Clear form
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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