PROSPECTIVE SYSTEMATIC DATA COLLECTION IN EARLY COVID-19 PATIENTS: a protocol for individualized treatment and outcomes research

CV Lattes:
This form was designed to support a proposal for systematic documentation that aims to collect information on the outcomes of pharmacological and non-phamacological interventions in suspected or confirmed early COVID-19 patients, kept at home. This proposal respects the autonomy and preferences of patients and physicians. At the same time it requires an informed decision on the best available health interventions and a systematic documentation of its outcomes. In this way every physician may take informed decisions and make his own conviction, without prejudice, on the best treatment after a critical appraisal of the outcomes, in order to first do no harm and help people. It seeks to reunite, in conditions of great uncertainty, SCIENCE (whose first step is done after attentive and if possible systematic observation of the facts) and MEDICAL ETHICS by respecting rights and duties of physicians to best serve patient needs according to their preferences. The case reporting and follow-up form is intentionally open to pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions so that any physician can prescribe and recommend according to his own clinical proficiency and following the principles of medicine based competence (which involves ethics, science and clinical expertise achieved by experiential learning).

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