Newbie Tubie Care Packages Application
Hello, welcome to Newbie Tubies! This is an application for a package designed for first time tubies, for those unfamiliar with tubie slang, we send packages to individuals getting their first feeding tubes placed. We accept application from the tubies themselves, or nominations from loved ones.

This project has only been active since January of 2018, but it has taken off and we have LOTS of applicants. This is very exciting, but a project run by 1 tubie and reliant on donations and art sales only covers so many packages a month, so we must set some guidelines that help us narrow things down for now!

Here are some basic guidelines we go by when going through applications:

1. Type of tube: we focus on surgical tubes because we are able to be of more help to those who have the added challenges of surgery/recovery
2. Date of placement: we prioritize applications for anyone having surgery in the upcoming 1-3 months as well as those who just had surgery within the past 6 or so weeks. We then look at apps for 6 months in either direction of the current date
3. Support system: we prioritize those who have little to no support system and minimal knowledge about online support groups, etsy shops, and all of the products that can help keep tubes as clean & comfortable (& stylish) as possible.

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