Trouvise - Job Application Form
One of our clients based in Berlin is looking to recruit African Devs for a Full time Position (Relocation)


You should have :
- 3 years+ experience working with one or more of the common programming languages like: JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C#, C, C++, Ruby, Kotlin, ...
- Sound knowledge of common frameworks and latest technologies like: Spring, Vaadin, React(JS), Angular(JS), Node.js, Vue.js, Django, CherryPy, Rails, Laravel, Symfony, ...
- Very good understanding of database systems (SQL, MySQL or NoSQL)
- Good understanding of architecture and conception
- Great knowledge in functional testing and unit testing of new features
- Experience in the development of microservices, machine learning or big data are a plus

- At least a Bachelor degree
- Good English language skills
- A structured and autonomous way of working
- Ability to work in an agile and diverse teams
- Strong problem-solving mentality
- Strong communication skills and intercultural competencies

- Independent, self-motivated
- You can work without supervision
- You have good work ethics and can work with a diverse team
- Fluent in English, written and spoken

About Trouvise

'Trouv' is from the French word 'Trouvez' which means find while' ise' is from the Yoruba word work.

Trouvise is Charisol's online community of product design and software engineering tech talent. We are 100% remote team in Nigeria and the US on a mission to help African developers find fulfillment in working with global brands and diverse teams. We started Trouvise with the belief that Africa has top talent deserving of global recognition and better pay. We are here to make that happen!

After discovering the global gap between demand and supply of tech talent, we began Trouvise by connecting developers in our network to companies their skills. Six months later, with more interest in our applicants than we can count, we have decided to extend our reach to talents outside our network. We believe Africa - the home of upcoming tech talent, YOU should not be left out of the action.
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