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IMPORTANT NOTE 1: *** If you're dealing with a serious physical or mental health concern that is a risk to your life, please contact a medical professional.*** This is a community that supports you in your life journey as a father and entrepreneur but it does not replace any professional medical support.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2:  We are currently building a waiting list for the next invitation round which will begin in October when we relaunch the new version of our site.

Criteria to request: 
You are a father and have an existing business and feel that anonymity is the only way you can express your concerns or even excitements.
(please see below for other incredible tribes for fathers)

Path of the DudeBuddha:
Our community captures thousands of men who need the anonymity. But as men gain the power of vulnerability and are able to support other men, they enter into other amazing brotherhoods beyond the DudeBuddha community. Again, some of my fav communities are below.

Please fill out this form to request an invitation interview.

Due to the nature of the Internet, this initial step is truly to ensure that you are a real person and not a scam or fake account.

Once you are approved and receive invitation into the community, you will be able to create a fresh account where you can use an email that nobody knows as well as come up with a code name to remain anonymous.
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Another amazing daddy groups that a profound impact on me until this day.

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