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Please complete the form below to enter this competition. If you are unsure of which group to compete in, select "unsure", we can then check with your coach.

The entry fee is £20.00 per person

Details of the routines can be obtained from your coach or our website competition page.

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Please Note: All clubs have to supply competition officials; this means we may ask you to help us during the day. You will only be asked to cover a maximum of 3 hrs, if it is your child’s first competition we will not ask this time. Please do not worry if you have never done a role before, someone will be around at the start to help you.
Competition Set up
Competition Marshall
Once a competition group has finished the Chair of Judges or Competition Marshall will call the next group of competitors to warm-up. During this time, the length of which will depend on the number of competitors, performers are allowed to try either of the two trampolines allocated to the panel to warm up both their routines. Performers and coaches are expected to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to warm up, although where one bed is preferred over the other, it is likely that those using the less popular bed will get more practice opportunity. Each warm-up go should only be long enough to complete a routine, after some preliminary bounces plus possibly enough time to repeat a single skill that caused a problem – any additional time ought to be an exception and abuse of this can result in deductions being made to the performers score.

Once the general warm-up time has elapsed the Competition Marshall takes over and the timetable now rests largely on this person’s shoulders! They will normally start by sitting the performers down in their competition order, thereby verifying that they are indeed all present, and briefing everybody on the importance of listening for their name and ensuring that they have spotters available when they go to either warm-up or compete.

As well as the general warm-ups each competitor normally has one further 'one touch' warm-up before competing in which they can elect to do either of their routines. This additional warm-up takes place before the compulsory round after which the Competition Marshall’s role is to ensure that the performers are ready to compete at the right time, are correctly dressed and have the correct number of spotters with them, the competitors will then each perform their set routines and then, after all sets are complete, their voluntaries without further intervening warm-ups.

The Recorders’ role is to mark down the scores as they are called out by the Chair of Judges, either by computer or by hand, asking for clarification immediately if they are not clear, and then to calculate the individuals’ scores.

The individual score is calculated by taking the 4 scores and then adding up the two mid-scores (i.e. discounting the highest and lowest)

In most competitions there will be a computer recorder as well as a manual recorder - the results from these are intended to be calculated separately and then compared after each sum has been completed to guard against errors; the manual recorder also protects against a computer crash.

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