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Provide the full description of the object seen. Tell about the shape, number and color of objects/lights. You can also include about the appearance, estimated size, distance, height, Motion, Direction Sighted etc.
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If yes, please mail us to the following email address. Photograph, sketch or even a simple outline drawing of your UFO sighting is extremely valuable and interesting for readers of the UFO sighting reports. you can send us a drawing, sketch, photograph, video or any other document (scanned document, pdf file, MS word file, MS paint file etc.) related to your sighting. Please send your attachment with your name to the following email address:
topresearchgroup@gmail.com or vaishnav000rk@rediffmail.com
You can also mail us your UFO sighting report in any other general format like pdf, ms word, jpeg etc in English or Hindi language.
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