A 5-month small-b b-school
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Business basics - what is a business, what’s the economic engine of your business, 12 standard forms of value, experimentation, pretotyping, making a plan, mission, vision values, boundaries, and goals
Sales & marketing - increasing revenue and customer base through sales, understanding your customer, why people buy, custome personas, pricing as marketing, sales as service
Decision-making - different decision making models and appropriate contexts for each
Personal development, team management and organizational leadership - defining your role as founder/owner, that of each part of your team and how you can grow them to all perform at your best amidst inevitable volatility, how to train people
Developing and executing strategy - market opportunities and threats, competitive advantage and core competencies, differentiation, cost leadership and vertical integration, uncertainty and risk assessment.
Operations - kata, lean, kaizen or other leapfrog approaches to optimization process improvement, program management, logistics, distribution, and delivery
Systems and data mgmt - what you need to automate/systematize and how to learn from the data those systems generate. Systems for accounting, employee scheduling, data security
Finance and accounting - Understand the crucial concepts in accounting and finance, reading and interpreting financial documents, forecasting & planning for the future,
Creating useful budgets, determining the best lease-vs-buy situation, planning capital expenditure for the best improvements and expansions, using tools to measure and manage financial performance
Legal - taxes, contracts, liability, insurance, employment law
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