Forever Dancing Entertainment Request Form
Do you have an event and want to spice it up with some dancing?
We can help! This questionnaire will help us to understand your event, and your entertainment goals so we can help you better. After you submit this request entertainment form, our entertainment experts will email you with some options and service prices. You can count on us to find out the best entertainment for your party.

Our entertainers are professional and very experienced. They normally arrive 30 minutes earlier to get familiar with the location and if necessary, ready to start, in dance costumes , hair and make-up. Do not have a venue? Consider Forever Dancing Ballroom, our dance studio is party ready with furniture, dance floor, sound system, party lights, bathrooms, kitchen and more.

After receiving our service description agreement. If you choose to proceed with the booking then we will require a deposit. Bookings are complete and dates are locked only after receiving 50% non-refundable deposit. You will receive a confirmation email
Checks should be sent to:
Forever Dancing LLC
5818-B Seminary Rd, Falls Church, VA, 22041.

Please let us know more about your event:
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Exact time you need the performers to be available on the venue. They will plan to be the 30 minutes earlier. *
Our fees are based on availability of the performer. How many hours the performers will need to be available? *
Is there any costume restriction? *
What is the name, address, and phone number of the Venue? *
Is there a change room for the performers if necessary? Describe.
Size of Floor? Approximate Dimensions.Type of Floor? Hard wood, marble, carpet, stage...describe. *
Contact Person on site cell phone? *
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Is there free parking for the performers? If not, please let us know the venue parking fees so we can add to the invoice. *
How many guests? *
How will the music be played? *
How do you envision your entertainment?  Dancing? Circus? Music? We have it! If you don't we can help with ideas. *
How many entertainers/performers will you need. For partner dance performances you will need minimum of 2. *
Is there anything else we should know about the event, or service?
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